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Our Advanced Online English Lessons are the very best.  Why?

We know you want the most for yourself and your family.  So our Basic English Course is designed to follow the students progress closely.  This allows us to provide detailed reports to the student and the parents.

It is our desire that you learn English well and quickly!

We only offer 1 to 1 online private English Lessons.  Why?

We have observed the bad results of teaching many young people at the same time.  Every child has good days and bad days.  It is very difficult to get many childern to have a good day at the same time.  Over time, this slows down the childs learning English significantly.

It is our desire to provide the best quality teaching, the best quality materials and the best quality experience in the world!

Basic English Online Course Level 1 has 30 lessons.

Our Basic English Online Course Level 1 will help you learn to recognize the English alphabet in different enviroments.  This level will also teach some basic conversation using the objects the student is learning in the lesson.  The teacher will train the student to speak with proper pronounciation.

There are activities that the student can download for each lesson to work on when they are not in class.  These activities are designed to teach the student how to speak, read and write English.

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The BEST Online English Lessons In The World!

We have the BEST one to one online English lessons.  The personal attention from certified native English teacher will help you learn and improve your English quickly.

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